Dental Upgrades: Toothache Detection and Treatments

Did you know that a toothache is the result of an abscessed tooth and infection caused by underlying conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease? Because of the number of oral health risks that can easily destroy a tooth, you will need to keep your diet safe and keep your mouth clean. Furthermore, take note of any toothache symptoms... read more »

Build Your Best Smile with Dental Bridges

Issues associated with a downturn in oral health is directly linked to missing or lost teeth. When you have missing teeth, it can give rise to plaque buildup in the gaps and resources left behind. Furthermore, it can cause your gums to destabilize and jaw to weaken, and it can even lead to tooth slippage. Fortunately, highly effective replacements in... read more »

Dentistry Blog for Beginners: TMJ Treatments

Caring for your smile includes caring for your jaw. Within your jaw, highly complex joints known as temporomandibular joint exist that facilitate speaking, chewing, and eating. If for any reason they are damaged, a TMJ disorder will arise. To help minimize the effects and risks of TMJ disorders, establish TMJ disorder prevention plans and treatment procedures for any issues that... read more »

Dental Health: The Things to Know While Breastfeeding

Our dentist, Dr. Samira Jamil, wants you to know all there is to know about your smile so you can keep it in tip-top shape. This is the same while you’re breastfeeding. Little did you know, there are facts about dental health while breastfeeding that might help you know more about your child’s overall oral health. Those facts are: -Breastfeeding... read more »

How To Care for Dentures

So, you got some new dentures. Great choice! Dentures are a great way to fill in your smile. Whether you have partial dentures or full dentures, your new oral hygiene routine can be an adjustment. Remember these tips as you care for your dentures. First: Don’t allow your dentures to dry out. They need to be in your mouth, in... read more »

Medication and Your Smile

Some medications can have a bad effect on your oral health. That’s why it’s imperative to tell Dr. Samira Jamil about both over the counter and prescription medicine you take regularly. It’s also useful to have a basic understanding of the possible side effects you might see in your mouth. Here’s a list of the known side effects of various... read more »

Prepare Your Oral Health for the Fall Season by Doing These Things

Dr. Samira Jamil and our dental team want you to have the best oral health and smile this fall, which is why we are happy to give you the tips you need to carry through this upcoming season. Tip No. 1: Clean your teeth and gums. This means you need to call Today's Dentistry and schedule an appointment, which should... read more »