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Did you know that a toothache is the result of an abscessed tooth and infection caused by underlying conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease? Because of the number of oral health risks that can easily destroy a tooth, you will need to keep your diet safe and keep your mouth clean. Furthermore, take note of any toothache symptoms and signs that tend to crop up from time to time. For more questions about toothaches, look below:

What is the significance of a toothache?
A toothache is an abscessed tooth that is under the effects of an infection. Toothaches must be treated properly, or it can lead to pulp death and eventual tooth death

How can a toothache harm your smile?
Due to the fact a toothache will eventually lead to tooth death, it will need to be treated to keep the rest of your smile safe. Furthermore, they can even cause the infection to spread.

What are the symptoms of toothaches?
Typical symptoms of toothaches arise due to pain. If you continue to feel pain after muscle relaxants are given, it could be linked to underlying issues such as toothaches. Fevers, rashes and noticeable discharge are often seen with toothaches as well.

What are my options for treating toothaches?
Treating a toothache often requires a trip to your dentist for oral health care restorations and treatments.

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