How Can Tooth Sensitivity Be Addressed?

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Tooth sensitivity is often characterized as tooth discomfort that occurs when you are performing simple daily tasks like chewing or drinking. We encourage you to visit our dentist to identify what has caused your sensitivity and learn how to manage your condition. Tooth sensitivity has many causes, and these can affect the type of dental treatment you may need to receive to improve your smile.

Common tooth sensitivity causes can be a loss of tooth enamel, cavities, gastric reflux, gum recession and eating disorders. Potential treatments for sensitive teeth can include the following:

– Desensitizing toothpaste: This product can help reduce sensitivity by blocking the nerves of teeth though it requires regular application to experience optimal results from the product.

– Fluoride application: If you have lost tooth enamel or have an insufficient layer, Dr. Samira Jamil may recommend that you expose your teeth to more fluoride to improve the quality of your teeth. Our dentist can help you determine if a fluoridated toothpaste would be helpful.

– Root canal treatment: Infected tooth pulp can cause a single tooth to sensitivity, and it often results in the need for root canal treatment to repair the damage.

It’s important to keep tooth sensitivity from returning by brushing and flossing on a daily basis. Contact Today's Dentistry at 813-989-3269 for further information about how to treat tooth sensitivity in Temple Terrace, Florida, and schedule your appointment with our team.