A Dental Bridge Can Be Used to Replace an Extracted Tooth

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Tooth extraction might be necessary to prevent a severely damaged or decayed tooth from causing more significant complications. This is even more likely to be the case if a dangerous dental abscess has developed in the underlying gums.

Once your periodontal tissues have fully healed the dental restoration specialists at Today's Dentistry can help you understand your options for replacing the extracted tooth. If you aren’t comfortable with invasive oral surgery required to restore the tooth with a dental implant, Dr. Samira Jamil and her associates might recommend replacing the tooth with a standard dental bridge.

This is essentially an artificial tooth that mimics the appearance of the original. It includes with an empty crown at each end. The dental bridge will eventually be anchored onto abutments formed from the core of the two teeth neighboring the void. Dr. Samira Jamil will prepare these teeth by completely removing the tooth enamel of each tooth with a dental drill.

Your dental bridge will need to be created at an off-site dental lab. When it’s ready a member of Dr. Samira Jamil’s staff will call you to schedule a follow-up appointment. Dr. Samira Jamil will remove each of the temporary crowns and cement your new bridgework onto the abutments with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in the Temple Terrace, Florida, area and you are missing a tooth, you should call 813-989-3269 to explore the dental restorations offered at Today's Dentistry.